Gives you help information
Shows bot info
Returns the bot ping time
Shows you how long bot has been up for
URL to upvote the bot
Shows servers bot is in
We are suprt excited to say that
Radio will be comming back
Donut's Radio System is currenly disabled.
~play [query search keywords, playlist name]
Play a playlist or a song
~playlist [create, add, delete, remove, upload, view]
edit playlist or look at it
See all playlists in the server
~loop [song, queue]
loop what is playing
~volume [0 to 100]
Make bot audio higher/lower
Skip the song that is playing
See what is coming up next.
See what is currently playing
End queue.
Get the bot to join the Voice Channel
~lyrics [song name + artist]
get lyrics to song you search
~suggestion [suggestion info]
Give suggestion to the Developers without even talking to them
Invite to Support Server
Submit a bug